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Build Strength & Flexibility

The form of Dynamic Yoga that I teach is based on the Ashtanga Primary Series which combines a series of postures, designed to build strength, flexibility, align the body and fortify the nervous system.

Practitioners move through each pose of the sequence using their breath, focusing on a gaze point (dristi) activating their core (bandha) to maintain stability.  I often mix up the sequence or add on extra poses depending on the class objectives. Please note that this class is not a counted led Primary Series.

The class is suitable for all levels and abilities as I break each pose down into its basic components and offer a number of modifications (with or without props), where necessary.

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Release Deeply Held Tension

Yin yoga works on the deep connective (yin) tissues such a tendons and ligaments, collectively referred to as fascia.  It is a very complementary practice to a dynamic yoga practice or indeed other types of sports, which primarily work on the yang tissues; namely the muscles and blood, via the circulatory system. In Yin yoga, we hold the poses in stillness, at a point we call our edge for a longer period of time and use the power of the breath to unblock any deeply held tension.  Although this is a passive form of yoga practice, we use some muscle activation to maintain alignment and stability within each pose.

Think of Yin yoga as similar to wearing orthodontic braces; just as teeth move very gradually over time, we can move and release the less mobile connective tissue. We normally finish the session with a meditation or Yoga Nidra to facilitate a good night's sleep.

This class is suitable for all levels and I provide lots of props to make the poses accessible for all bodies.

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Relax & Restore to Therapeutic Sounds of the the Gong

The universe is composed of vibrations and so are we ... indulge in relaxing Yin Yoga accompanied by the blissful vibrations of the gong played by the talented Simon Walker of Sound Hearts. We practice a yin yoga sequence for 40 mins then move into an extended savasana for the remaining period to enjoy the benefits of a full sound bath with the gongs, crystal bowls and singing bowls. 


Yin & Gong workshops are held once every 6 weeks (normally to coincide with moon days) to St Mary's Church Hall, Long Ditton, KT6 5HH.

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