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Who am I?

My first ever yoga class was as a teenager with a friend’s mum. I recall thinking at the time how nice it felt to move my body in this way, yet surprisingly challenging.

I didn’t practise yoga again until I was in my late twenties, when it literally found me at my office! I worked in the City at the time doing a somewhat different practice, that of a lawyer. Needless to say, I was no stranger to stress in such a role.  Connecting with the breath, the yoga practice calmed my mind and grounded me … helping me to tune out of the stress and be in the moment.  After nearly 20 years of practice, I still feel those benefits and, together with the strength, flexibility and balance the practice has granted me are the reasons I continue to show up on my mat …

Historically, I always leaned towards a dynamic form of yoga and discovered Ashtanga in 2011. I was weak after the birth of my second child and the practice soon helped me regain my strength. I was drawn to Ashtanga's discipline and how I could work deeper in each pose while bringing the focus inwards. When I transitioned to the Mysore room, my practice transformed and I developed in so many ways, by virtue of the great teachers that I have been lucky enough to practice with: Sarai Harvey-Smith, Sarah Vaughan, Melanie Cooper, Scott Johnson and most recently Joey Miles.  

Nowadays, I consider my practice to be more balanced, factoring in dynamic as well as Yin/ Restorative practises; the latter being something my body had craved for, to release more deeply held tension, particularly from my rock climbing and calm my nervous system.  I also have a meditation and pranayama (breathwork) practice.

Having thought about qualifying as an instructor for a long time, I finally took the plunge in 2018, when I completed my Ashtanga & Yin teacher training.  I realised that qualifying later in life was an asset; I feel I have a lot to share. I prioritise making yoga practice, particularly Ashtanga and Yin, accessible to everyone. Further, I try and instil in students the need for self-care through a mindful practice of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

I am also intrigued by how the body functions or sometimes fails to! I have therefore strived to develop my working knowledge of anatomy, which helps to raise student's awareness and guide them through any issues they are experiencing with their practice. 

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, enjoying nature, particularly the mountains where I love to hike and climb.

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