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Kate's Yin classes have really been life changing, I feel like they’ve helped me connect to a part of me that I haven’t nurtured before. Finding my edge and focusing on my breathing has really helped my “mind chatter” too  and I sleep like a baby afterwards! I also really enjoy the poems [she] finds and recite in the classes, they have always resonated with me and left me feeling uplifted.


Kate’s Yin classes are a great way to help your body relax and unwind. I remember the day after my first Yin class I felt more comfortable and relaxed in my own skin than I had in a long time. Kate’s classes are suitable for all and there’s always an alternative if a pose isn’t working for you. We hold some poses for quite a while which I remember finding challenging at first but I’ve learned to use the breath to help with this and Kate’s encouraging and relatable narrative provides an opportunity for quiet contemplation while staying with poses.


Kate's yin yoga class is a highlight of the week - the time seems to slow, your mind clears and your body takes a deep breath of relief. Kate's inclusive and hands-on style mean that each body or ability is catered for, with props and helpful positioning.  A soundtrack of poems and soothing words completes the hour of bliss! I am a big fan of her teaching style and each week offers a learning experience.


Kate is a brilliant, inspirational yoga teacher and I have found her Yin classes an absolute godsend and a  must-do during Lockdown.   She is knowledgeable and confident and obviously someone who practises herself and is always learning – which she passes on to us.  What I love about her teaching is that she always gives us alternatives if something is either not doable at the time, or uncomfortable.  Kate also explains the benefits of the various postures.  I also love her readings while we are in the poses – poems and inspirational texts that really make me think.   Finally – she has the voice of a therapist and I find myself automatically relaxing and  breathing more deeply just listening to her!


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